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adhesive film for aluminium panels

Co-extruded adhesive film used with aluminum composite panels for exterior cladding material in the construction industry. Large, rigid, flat yet highly formable, these panels are used in office complexes, shopping malls and other large constructions. Also known as sandwich panels 

Film Thickness
30 - 150 microns
Environmentally Friendly
Fully recyclable
Sound proof
Excellent heat insulation
Decreased noise pollution
Adhesion Technology
Support by DuPont®
Excellent bonding on steel & aluminum
Peeling strength complies with Saudi Arabian
Standards Organization (SASO) standards
Durable Material
Resistant to weather, chemicals, corrosion & fire
Large, rigid, flat yet highly formable
Easy Installation & Maintenance
Light weight
Easily cut & shaped 
Conveniently installed 
Trouble-free after installation

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